The Purpose of Vacation

If you were wondering why it has been a while since my last article, well that is because I was out in Colorado enjoying friends, family, climbing, a wedding and time away from reality.  Limited use of my phone and no computer while in the mountains was just what I needed to get away from the stressors of the big projects/life events I have going on.  While out in Colorado I was fortunate enough to enjoy the company of many great friends and acquaintances old and new.  I was able to escape my normal climbing/training routine and go to a less than conventional wedding (Hawaiian in the mountains) with life long friends.  I was also able to let my guard down and just climb anything with no agenda with the help of some friends whos lifestyle I applaud and adore. Continue reading


Coach vs. Trainer

Coach and Trainer.  I have seen these two terms used very loosely lately and having chosen a career path that entails both these titles, I wanted to clarify the difference between the two.  Yes you can be both a trainer and a coach but they are not mutually exclusive.  Just because you are a certified trainer does not automatically mean you are a qualified coach.  Continue reading


Working out with the MWC

12814634_906329332268_1019114305502472656_n[1]This past Saturday (3/5/16) I had the pleasure to lead a workout for the Madison Women’s Climbers.  All 12 women came in with positive attitudes and were focused on learning new tips to help improve their climbing strength.  With spring right around the corner, the women were highly motivated to work hard in the gym in order to be prepared to climb hard outside.  The emphasis of the class was; injury prevention (shoulder mobility), core strength (suspension bands to simulate removing point of contact while climbing), and active rest (simulate resting on a long route to lower heart rate/pace of breath). Continue reading


Climbing Training Plan (SCS summit team)

rin 2Below you will find the training schedule for the kids I coach on the Summit Team (Tuesday & Thursday).  For those of you that don’t know, the summit team is our highest level of three teams.  These kids range in age from 11-17 but they all share the common trait of dedication.  These kids are highly motivated individuals that can withstand and thrive on a intense training routine.  The days below are just days that they are in with my self and other coaches working in a group/team setting.  Some of the kids also have supplemental training plans prescribed by myself to work on during non team days.

Use this plan as inspiration for yourself to get into the gym to not just climb, but to TRAIN.  Spring is coming, put in the effort now so you can expand your tick list outside this spring and summer.  Feel free to contact me if you are interested in a individualized training plan to suit your climbing goals. Continue reading


How I Coach

For the past couple of years I have had to privilege to work with a few extraordinary people within the realm of coaching.  Each one of them has brought a unique skill set to the climbing team in which not only the kids, but my self has benefited from.  I have learned many attributes that are not “teachable” from my fellow coaches.  Their presence is a joy to be around and it is inspiring to  observe the12087697_10205185106539438_4558443363855421555_o[1]ir approach to coaching since it is vastly different from my own.  When we asked Sam to work with the climbing team he was a bit skeptical and unsure since he did not have prior climbing coaching experience.  However myself and my fellow coaches knew he would be a perfect fit for the kids based on his ability to see the positive in all situations.  If you don’t know who Sam is, well then next time you are at boulders just look for the high energy, fun loving hairy guy that has more patience for kids than the mall Santa Claus.

Below you will read the account of coach Sam Carlson who works with all three levels of the climbing team.

Continue reading


Getting back to Full Force

Three weeks ago, November 13th, I had surgery on my neck to remove a tumor.  Long story short, everything went well and I am recovering just fine.  A couple days ago I got back on the climbing wall for the first time in well over a month.  It was nice to just be able to move and pull on holds.  At times the temptation came across me make some big fun dyna10989098_728169067298413_6912101882090890887_n[1]mic moves or to try really hard boulder problems.  However my wisdom got the best of me and I refrained.  I held off because I have learned the importance of delaying gratification in order to achieve sustainability.  The one thing I did not refrain from though was letting myself contemplate my future success with training for climbing. Continue reading


Practicing, Training & Performing

When participating in any athletic venue it is easy to forget the importance of warming up and practicing.  It is to tempting to jump right into the heat of the battle because that is what is “Fun”.  However we must learn how to have fun practicing our craft.  There are three phases of involvement in your sport; training, practice, and performance.  All three are not mutually exclusive and all three should be approached with specific mind sets.  Practicing and training will not always be “fun” in fact at times it may suck.  However if you put in the effort practicing then you will earn your self some fun time when you are performing effortlessly at your highest potential.  In regards to rock climbing I recommend a few ways in which to warm up or “Practice your craft: Continue reading