“Effortless Healing”

51lz-QP3JvL__SY344_BO1,204,203,200_I enjoy to read well because knowledge is power.  Right now I am on a big reading bender since I am recovering from surgery and am limited to physical activity (injury is an opportunity).  I just finished a book written by the founder of the number one visited natural health website in the world, Dr. Joseph Mercola of Mercola.com.   “Effortless Healing” is a easy to follow guideline for the average American to restructure their health and get on the easy track to being well.  I highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in taking the right steps to bettering their health but has no idea where to begin.  Skip the medications, skip the “Diet” plans, skip the hardcore workouts.  Taking control of your well being will be a walk in the park if you follow even a few of the strategies listed in the book.

Below are a few point taken from Dr. Mercolas’ Effortless Healing.  I hope they peak your interested and get you inspired to continue to do more.

  • There seven clinically proven gauges I advise you to assess now and continue to monitor – every six months or so- are: Fasting Insulin level, vitamin D level, waist to hip ratio, body fat %, Cholesterol and HDL ratios, Blood pressure, Uric acid level
  • Vitamin D test; 25 (OH)D.  Optimal level of vitamin D is 50 – 70 ng/ml
  • There are 2 kinds of LDL cells-fluffy and large, Dense and small.  Only the smaller versions of LDL appear to be harmful.  When LDL cells are compact they are better able to penetrate damaged arterial walls and contribute to plaque and hardening of the arteries  Two things that contribute to the compaction of LDL Cells are trans fats (hydrogenated oils) and insulin.
  • Avoid aspartame, propylene glycol, sucralose, acesulfame potassium, food dyes, polysorbate 60, brominated vegetable oil (BVO).
  • Researchers from Harvard Medical School added FLUORIDE to the list of top developmental neurotoxins in 2014.  To learn ore and get fluoride out of the American water supply, join the fluoride action network at fluoridealert.org
  • Sprouts are some of the most nutrient packed foods you can eat.  They can have from ten to thirty times the nutritional content of the organic vegetables grown in your own garden.  Sunflower and pea sprouts to the list of nutrient dense sprouts. (complete easy how to sprout in the book)
  • If you take supplemental vitamin D, your creating an increased demand for K2.  Together, these two nutrients help strengthen your bones and improve your heart health.
  • Using mineral-based sunscreens when you must be in prolonged direct sunlight.
  • Organic Fermented foods are healers, processed foods (sugar, antibacterial soap, chlorinated water) are hurters.
  • Eat to sleep.  Aim to eat to following foods several times a week; Almonds (rich in magnesium), Avocados (excellent source of potassium), Chamomile Tea (drink before bed, it is associated with rise in glycine, chemical that has sedative properties and promotes muscle relaxation), Cherries (magnesium, have a handful an hour before bed), Green leafy veggies (Calcium, helps your brain use tryptophan to manufacture melatonin), Walnuts (source of tryptophan and they contain their own melatonin).
  • Get Grounded, go bare foot and connect to the healing energy of the earth.  Some surfaces and material that are good conductors of energy for your outdoor bare foot time; Sand, Grass (preferably moist), Bare soil, stone/rock, Concrete and brick (not painted or sealed)
  • Following surfaces will not ground you, they are insulators (prevent the flow of energy); Asphalt, Wood, Rubber, Plastic, Vinyl, Tar.
  • Several studies have show that fructose has an appetite stimulating effect that glucose doesn’t have.  It reduces leptin (appetite-suppressing hormone) and has no effect on ghrelin (the hunger hormone).
  • Every cell in your body can use glucose, but only you liver can metabolize fructose.
  • Agave has more fructose than any commercial sweetener, ranging from 70-97% depending on the brand.
  • RAW, LOCALLY grown Honey has many health benefits when used in moderation.
  • Better sugar alternatives are Sugar alcohols.  These can be identified by the ol at the end of their name.  Such as Xylitol.  When pure, potential side effects of xylitol are minimal.
  • Two of the best sugar substitutes are stevia (in its natural form) and Lo Han (Chinese fruit).
  • Fermented soy products are the Only soy products I recommend consuming (Tempeh, Miso, Natto, Soy sauce) granted they are organic.


There you have it.  These are just few points that caught my eye while skimming through “Effortless Healing”.  Again, all the points above are Dr. Mercolas words and advice in which I advocate and follow.  Feeling great does not have to be hard, it just takes the right motivation and a starting point.  Hopefully you can use one of these points as your starting point to kicking ass at being HEALTHY.


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