Be Selfish (sometimes)

622790_788828797800833_861464101_o Why do we do the things we do?  There comes a point in a persons life when he makes the decision to stop goofing around and to become a mature adult.  It may or may not be a conscience decision, but it happens.

I undeniably love snowboarding.  I love going out and riding whatever possible (city handrails, big jumps, trees, you name it).  Up until this last season it would take some extraordinary bribe with a serving of bacon, dark chocolate and espresso to get me off the hill.  However something emotionally changed with me last winter.  Yes, I did go into the winter with a plan to continue climbing, but I was still lacking the drive and passion I grew accustomed to on my board.  I don’t regret my past winter.  It is just weird to reflect and realize that I did not get any video footage with the guys I usually spend all winter with (Nate, Colin & the Drawstring Productions crew).  methodFilming snowboarding was a serious objective in the past, it was our purpose.  It made me happy, it made my joy for snowboarding and life contagious.  Making videos across the country, living trip to trip out of my board bag, completely living in the moment.  That is what made life tick for me.

I realized that to much of a great thing can turn around and bite you in the butt.  I want to continue to love snowboarding well into my later years of life.  In order to make your passion a life journey, you need to step back and realize there is a whole lot more to enjoy in life.  Don’t fear loosing your passion, fear not experiencing life to the max.  Take a break and I sure you will come back with a whole new joy for your passion.  We don’t realize what we got until we don’t have it.  I realized after a year break, that no matter how hard I train to become a stronger climber, that does not fill the void for fresh pow turns.  I also realized that I can balance both passions and have a more sustainable balanced life.

The bottom line, there is no manual to life.  My only rule to life is do what makes you happy and don’t let fear of missing out affect that.  Sometimes you have to be selfish to please your self in order to bring joy to your peers.  If I am not happy I am not a good person to be around.  If I am happy I want to be around people and infect others with the joy of life.

Continue to do stuff for YOU in order to keep your spirits high.  In return everyone you interact with will benefit.  After all, what kind of life is worth living if we can not be happy with the people around us.


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