Figure out “YOU” before figuring out your workout


I have witnessed many people (myself included during my uneducated rambunctious teenage years) train with the philosophy of going 100% all the time.  If you are not working out every chance you get and at a high intensity all the time, then you are missing an opportunity to get stronger.  WRONG.  You are gaining an opportunity to decrease achievements over time or worse, get hurt and hence lose out on a lot more.

There is a difference between training hard and training effectively.  When it comes to getting the most out of a training regime, nutrition and recovery days are more important then going hard all the time.  In order to utilize those days properly, you must learn to “work in” and read your body, it is then that you can “workout” again.

If you are working hard in the gym  but your nutrition isn’t dialed, well then you are pissing away your efforts.  Do you put any sort of liquid in your car and expect it to operate?  I didn’t think so.  The very best step you can do for your health, well being, and physical gains is to set your diet straight.  Eat real food, don’t overeat and figure out what type of “Fuel” (foods) work for you.  Not all cars can tolerate ethanol fuel just like not all humans can tolerate lactose. Oh ya, drink WATER.  Once you get that figured out then go kick some ass and throw some weights around.

Once you feel capable and well fueled to work out, keep these tips in mind;

1)Quality over quantity.

2)Utilize rest so the following day when you are feeling more energized you can go all in and have a high intensity workout.

3) One very high intensity workout will achieve more results than 3 mediocre attempts at working out hard on no rest.

4) Tune into your body and listen to it when it needs rest or low impact recovery days.

5)Train smart, Eat real food, Recover often.


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