Random Thoughts From a Coach (part 1)

Over the years I have compiled various pages of wisdom to help motivate my self and the individuals I coach.  The paragraphs below  are not directly related to one another, but they all have a similar theme.  No matter what your goals, desires, or ambitions are, I am sure you will find something useful from this page and the subsequent parts to come.  Enjoy.

  • Success depends on obsessive behaviors towards the one subject you wish to be successful in.  Are you brave enough to drop everything else and follow one dream with an unknown path?  Will it be fun?  At times it will probably not be all that fun.  If it was fun all the time, there would be no separation from the best and the average Joe.  Getting to expert status and performing is fun.  The sacrifice, suffering and agony it takes to reach those peaks is not considered fun.  Mentally battling through that stage is what seperates the greats from the forgotten.


  • I don’t like the phrase “live every days as if it is your last.”  If that was the case, I would eat ice cream and cookies all day and partake in reckless activities that would not line up to living a healthy lifestyle.  Yes, I understand the phrase and for many people it works.  Maybe it is the right inspiration for someone to quit their hated stressful desk job.  Or it could potentially get someone to step out of their comfort zone and explore the world.  However, I prefer a phrase more like “Live every day to better yourself the next” or something along those lines.  I don’t want to expect every day being my last day on earth.  I want to live every day knowing I am bettering myself and those around me for many years to come.


  • I have been pending a lot of time alone training to become the best rock climber I can possibly be.  Is this healthy for me?  Am I wasting my time putting so much effort into one aspect of my life?  No.  I am not listening everyone that smirks at my efforts because I know I can achieve greatness.  If I stay motivated, dedicated and continue to enjoy the process then greatness will prevail.  Yes there will be off days and days that I am sick of  training but you must look past those days with the greater goal in mind.  I am young and I have a lot to achieve.


  • Take action for your thoughts or else they will be only that.  If you never commit to a thought or idea of yours because you are not sure if it is the “One”, then you may never come across the “One.”  This is how so many people get stuck in the daily grind of a boring, hated job that they don’t want to be at.  What is the point of living if you are not going to “LIVE” life to the max.  Go do what you want to do.

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