Random Thoughts From a Coach (part 2)

Over the years I have compiled various pages of wisdom to help motivate my self and the individuals I coach.  The paragraphs below  are not directly related to one another, but they all have a similar theme.  No matter what your goals, desires, or ambitions are, I am sure you will find something useful from this page and the subsequent parts to come.  Enjoy.

  • Living a mundane life is not much of a life.  Exploration is the essence of life.  Challenging yourself is the heart beat of success.  Discovery brings a fresh breath to every day you wake up.  Tomorrow dose not exist and yesterday is gone.  Repetitive thoughts are ones fear of execution, don’t let these thoughts clog your brain.  Free your self from your routine and take action on your thoughts.  Love who you are, love what you are doing and love who you surround yourself with.
  • Is the purpose of life to find a purpose?  Or does the purpose find you?  Is there really such a thing as a true purpose in life?  I understand and am aware that life is great.  My life is great because I have taken the time to step back and learn to appreciate what is around us.  My life is great because I have realized that all I need to be happy is simplicity.  Eating well, climbing, nature, Jill and Eli (my dog) and a supportive family.  Life is simple, yet very enjoyable.  Cherish the relationships available and smile about being fortunate to have the freedom to make those relationships.
  • “We do not remember days, we remember moments” – Cesare Pavese
  • “Try not to be a man of success, rather try to become a man of value” – Albert Einstein
  • “In the end it is not the years in your life that count, it is the life in your years” – Abe Lincoln

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