Wellness is a journey

Go out and experience the world from your own perspective.  If you want to find your true calling in this life, then do just that, go out and FIND it.  Fear is just our perception of the unknown.  Love fear, it gives you something to challenge in order to discover that unknown.  Self-discovery is kick ass.  The only real fear is to fear not discovering the unknown.  So go out, take some risks, discover the unknown, travel the world and risk living a vagabond life in order to see what life is all about.  Experiences are well worth the fear and they are all part of bettering your well being.

Kubi’s Keys to Life

-Smile & laugh, always

-It’s a puzzle, be patient and solve it

-Find value and commit to it with relentless passion

-Move your body

-Love your self


-Tackle fears head-on and knock uncertainties down at first sight

-Communicate, don’t internalize emotions

-Alone time, meditate


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