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12814634_906329332268_1019114305502472656_n[1]This past Saturday (3/5/16) I had the pleasure to lead a workout for the Madison Women’s Climbers.  All 12 women came in with positive attitudes and were focused on learning new tips to help improve their climbing strength.  With spring right around the corner, the women were highly motivated to work hard in the gym in order to be prepared to climb hard outside.  The emphasis of the class was; injury prevention (shoulder mobility), core strength (suspension bands to simulate removing point of contact while climbing), and active rest (simulate resting on a long route to lower heart rate/pace of breath).

As a coach and trainer, it is always a pleasure to work with a group of individuals that have a passion to get stronger.  This in return motivates myself to put fourth all my effort and energy into helping you reach your full potential.  Needless to say, all these women did just that and I am looking forward to seeing this determination pay off outside on the rocks.  As per request of the women  you will find below the workout that I gave them on Saturday.  Thanks again to Mollie and Katie for organizing this and for everything else you do for Madison’s climbing community.  Feel free to contact me about any specifics and I look forward to doing this again soon.


Warm up

  • 2 sets (5 wall squats, 10 body weight squats, 5 jump squats)
  • partner push up ladder w/planks (1-4-1)
Dead Lifts and Wall Sits
  • 2 sets (2 min total)
  • 30 second Kettlebell DL
  • 30 second wall sit
Shoulder Press and Side Planks
  • 2 sets (2 min total)
  • 30 dumbbell shoulder press (or push press if tired)
  • 30 side plank
Groups of 6, SkiErg races
team 1 (3:31.1)
  • 1000m relay
  • 1 person ski, 1 person rest, 4 people active rest (dead hang, v-sit, plank)
  • switch when someone goes down from hold or when person on skierg taps out
team 2 (3:01.1)
  • going through this workout until team 1 finishes 1000m
  • 6 reps (3 each arm) ring plank rows
  • unweight hands one at a time without shifting weight or opening up hips focusing on body tension and shoulder stability
  • switch workouts when team 1 finishes
Heavy breathing set
  • 3 sets total
  • 4-6 burpees (depending on which team you were on), 12 jumping pull ups, 1 lap bear crawls
  • complete those 3 movements in 90 seconds or less
Cool Down
  • 5 each side
  • focus on shoulder stability, slow controlled movement, use of entire body
  • light kettlebell or dumbbell

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