Principle Based Strength Training

10989098_728169067298413_6912101882090890887_n[1]Before heading up to the gym to Coach the climbing team tonight, I wanted to leave a few quick thoughts on my approach to training.  I was just reviewing and adjusting the fitness plan I have written up for this mesocycle of climbing for the kids and I wanted to point out the factors in coming up with a training routine.

Most plans I develop (climbing or general fitness) follow a few guidelines.  This is my philosophy on how to get the biggest return out of your time spent in the gym.  These principles include;

  • Intensity – A lower volume of higher intensity work will keep you more engaged by spending less time in the gym. Each rep is more meaningful when you don’t have a whole lot to spare.
  • Variation – Changing your workout week to week will confuse your body and not allow you to adapt to a specific regimen.  When performing in your sport it will never be exactly the same from game to game or climb to climb.
  • Duration – If the intensity is high the duration will be short (vice versa).  This in fact depends on your goals and sport of choice.
  • Frequency – How often am I in the gym training at a high intensity?  Are there enough rest/recovery days between hard days?
  • Specificity – Are the movements and circuits performed in the gym as directly applicable to my sport/activity/goals (ex. will training my core with sit ups directly translate to using my core on the climbing wall or will suspension training be more specific?)
These guidelines serve as my blueprint to building a training plan for a individual.  If we are working on a periodized training plan (building up to peak at a certain time) then these principles will shift within our Macrocycle (overall traing plan).  Each mesocycle will change based on how close we are getting to our peak performance (this could be a competition, a climbing trip, a race etc).  For example at the beginning of our plan we will be training at a high intensity with a low volume but as time goes on that will shift.
If you are curious about building a training plan, let me know and we can get into further specific detail in regards to your goals.

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