We mostly associate the kitchen as a place in which our food is prepared   However growing up I have always viewed the kitchen as much more.  To my family the kitchen has been the social hub of the home.  It is rare to be at the Kubiesa residence for a party and to not find yourself hanging out in the Kitchen.  When I arrive home where do I hang out and socialize with my family?  In the kitchen.

I attribute my love for cooking and eating well to my social and communal connection to the kitchen.  Being an introvert is how I would define myself, however everyone needs some disconnect and freedom from their normal existence.  The kitchen does just that for me.  Yes I have made some questionable meals but in the process I have disconnected from reality and had a laugh doing so.

Don’t be afraid to cook because you have no idea what you are doing.  Instead use that as inspiration to safely step out of your comfort zone with someone else that doesn’t know what they are doing.  Learning to be comfortable in the kitchen has ingrained a subconscious sense of being healthy in my life (do you think when you are cooking at home you ever add ingredients like high fructose corn syrup, soybean oil or msg).  I am no chef, but I find comfort in the kitchen because controlling what goes into my body makes me smile.  However all the family time in the kitchen growing up has produced a trained Chef in the family, my little “Bigger” brother, Chef Michael Kubiesa.

unnamed[2]Mike has cooked for Michelan Three star restaurants (most stars possible in the restaurant industry), grocery stores, large city events, internationally, the Chicago Bears and currently is employed by the Cutlers (Jay, elite NFL quarterback, celebrity wife Kristin and their children) as their private chef.   The food Mike cooks is made with human performance in mind since he is fueling high performance individuals.  If you talked to Mike about his profession, immediately it will be evident that we had the same upbringing.  He does not cook for the money or the fame.  Mike cooks because he loves to please people, he loves to spread his joy for food.  He loves to get others in the kitchen to let loose and have fun experimenting.  This I believe, came from all our time as kids in the Kitchen with our mother.  My point is don’t let the outcome of cooking a meal keep you out of the kitchen.  It is about the process not the product so Let Chef Mike and his sous chef coach Kubi assist your process through this website.

Comment below on what you love to cook and what recipes you would like to see from Chef Mike.  Also go check out Mikes Instagram  to keep up with his innovation in the kitchen.


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