Earn your Rewards

eliIt feels great to wake up to the sun and not to the nagging buzz of the alarm, pure energy.  Getting on a good sleep schedule is a motivating way to start your day with the energy to move.  Working out and having the energy to climb right away will set a great tone for the rest of the day.  It may be the missing link to reaching higher limits and breaking through plateaus.

Don’t let money define you.  However don’t despise the rich.  It is healthy to want to make money but not at the extent of ding something that you dislike doing.  Strive to create the life that you love.  If you put all your passion towards that life, well then someday you will become a expert in that field and your expertise will be rewarded by others and their payments for your services.  Money is not a bad thing to want, it can become a bad thing if you let tunnel vision take its toll.  Let money be the reward to your self for creating the life that you wish to live, key word being reward.  Rewards should not be handed out like suckers at the bank, rewards are hard fought and earned.  So stay motivated and determined to make your life goals become a reality and be rewarded in more ways than one.


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