Life is full of misguided adventures and desires.  There are vast amounts of things that we can pursue, achieve, explore and master.  The most important thing however is what you are doing right now.  If you continuously worry and look ahead to what is coming next or what you hope to achieve in the future, well then when and if that point comes you will not enjoy it thoroughly because you will then start looking ahead to the next thing.  Yes, at times you need to be planning for your future and set long term goals but in order to achieve those goals you must take action now. 

The bottom line is, you need to live in the moment in order to be a “doer” instead of a “talker”.  In order to help yourself with this you could take a few minutes in the morning to write down five daily affirmations.  These five things should contain items in which are attainable that day.  They could be small steps in reaching your big goals.  By focusing on these smaller steps you will feel a greater sense of accomplishment each day in order to keep your motivation towards the big goals alive.   For example if your goal is to loose 20 pounds, well that is not going to happen in one day.  So in order to help your self to stay motivated to reach that goal, one of your five affirmations on a given day could be to try a new vegetable.

Keep your list short and attainable and make every day a successful one. Does anyone find it helpful to take a couple minutes in the morning to write down their daily goals?




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