The end of April is rapidly approaching, which provoked me to post this before all the CSA shares are bought up.  A CSA is a wonderful way to conveniently eat local and organic.  For those of you not familiar with a CSA you still have time to get in on the action.  Community Shared Agriculture is a program in which you buy into a farm.  Basically you pay a lump sum upfront and in return you receive a basket of produce from a local farm of your choice.  At a predetermined pick up location you receive a basket of assorted produce from the farm week to week.  Each farm is different and there are other options available from the standard weekly option (pick up at farm, basket trades, bi monthly, ½ shares, payment plans, etc).  These shares are not just limited to produce.   Meat, cheese, and coffee are other options I have discovered.

I really love the idea of a CSA for many reasons.  You get to know your farmer and where your foBeets[1]od is coming from.  This can take away the stress of paying to much for something at the store that may not be what it is said to be.  No more time spent picking out produce at the store.  When you get your box it’s going to be full of a wide assortment of foods.  This makes you try new healthy items that you otherwise would have never had before (same goes for meat shares).  It gets you out of the rut of buying the same thing over and over and invigorates your body with new nutrients.  You know your food is fresh as could be, ensuring it wasn’t picked early before it becomes nutrient rich.  These are just a few reasons to why buying into a CSA is awesome.  Like always do some research on your own and find a farm that fits your needs.

By supporting a CSA you are not only helping your well being but supporting local family farms that have a passion for what they do.  Not brands that have a passion for making a lot of money by producing the cheapest food possible with disregard to your health.  Some may say that organic is “expensive” well the flip side to non organic; medical bills are a whole lot more expensive.

For more information and to sign up to get your local fresh organic food check out the  Fair Share Coalition .  Shares do fill up fast and by the end of May you could be getting some produce (if we ever get warmer weather), so go buy into a farm.


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