Just a quick thought for the day.  With the warm season here you will start to see more and more fruit options around town.  A couple things to keep in mind when you are satisfying yourself under the summer sun with a tasty juicy treat.

  • Refer to my past blog post about the clean fifteen and dirty dozen
  • Follow this hierarchy of fruit power rankings and choicesGrowing Methods:
    1. Wild – difficult to find, but best choice due to high antioxidant and lack of cultivation
    2. Local Organic – Value, taste, safety
    3. Local Conventional – superior to remote organic due t freshness and ideal picking time
    4. Remote Organic – harmful effects of transportation and premature picking compromise nutritional value
    Nutrutional Value of Fruit
    Outstanding – All berries (high antioxidant and low glycemic) and pitted fruits
    Great – Apples, kiwi, pomegranate, cherries, bannanas (lower antioxidant and higher glycemic)
    Moderation – Dates, dried fruits, grapes

Of course there is many more options of fruit out there depending on where you are at and what time of the year it is.  This is just a quick guide for you to start thinking about your fruit options and decisions instead of lumping fruit together as the same.

I for one, love a bowl of raw yogurt with fresh organic berries, a drizzle of honey and a mint leaf from the garden,  as a refreshing summer dessert.


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