What does being fit mean to you?  What does being healthy mean to you?   If you read my last post, Fit vs. Healthy, you could probably answer those questions with confidence.  I hope you have started to develop a sense of those terms and have worked them into your life in a way that makes sense for your self.  There is no secret equation to balancing the two nor is there a definitive correct answer.  The closest thing to being correct is doing what you truly believe in and love with the full awareness of how one decision is affecting the other.  For example,  in order to be fit enough to have every muscle in your body bulge out you may be sacrificing your health by spending to much time in the gym and not enough time enjoying life.  The point is, be aware of the disconnect between health and fitness but at the same time be fully confident and educated on what you are doing.  If you bring a passion and awareness towards your physical goals, then happiness will add to your health.

To go along with that idea, I wanted to touch on different eating habits.  Like we just went over, being fit does not equate to being healthy.  The same goes for a individual following a said “healthy” diet.  Eating a popular heathy diet does not automatically make you healthy.  For example if you blindly go into a gluten free diet because it is “healthy” but don’t know why it is called healthy, well things may turn out worse for you (gluten free labeled items can actually contain more harmful substances such as sugar and fillers).  In my eyes, yes gluten free can be very healthy but it can also be deadly (eliminating processed grain products is very healthy but if you just think gluten free is healthy and still eat gluten free junk foods, you are not being healthy).  If you are following a Atkins diet but eating commercial grain fed beef are you healthy because you are following a good diet?  If you don’t agree with standard meet processing methods and decide to become vegan, are you being healthy getting your B12 through a vitamin (that vitamin in which is not regulated by the FDA).   Or would it make sense to find ethical local grass fed cattle that are raised with tender loving care.  That way you can get the essential nutrients humans prosper on instead of shunning the meat industry and sacrificing your health for it.  The same goes for all the other hot new diets out there;  primal, vegetarian, bullet prof, Keto, and the list goes on.  Don’t just look at the scope of a diet and dive in.  Instead look at the details and the specifics of why a diet is beneficial.  If you follow a diet with out further knowledge of why it works, well then you may be missing out on the entire point of the diet.  For instance, the paleo diet doesn’t include any dairy.  This is because many people are lactose (milk sugar) intolerant (on a side not you may be casein sensitive but think you are lactose intolerant).  However what if YOU can tolerate dairy and have a connection to wonderfully sourced dairy?  What about eating aged cheese or goats cheese that contain very little to no lactose?  Are you going to miss out on all the benefits good sourced dairy can provide you just because the diet you are following says you can not have it?

Hopefully you picked up on the point of this blog.  Just because a diet is healthy and people have seen results from it does not mean it is healthy for every individual.  If you want to follow one of these diets I would suggest finding out why that diet has worked for other people.  Get to the root cause and specifics of the diet and then figure out what your body is capable of tolerating.  Honestly though, my best advice when it comes to diets and your health is to Eat Real Food.

  • buy organic, buy local, forage in the wild
  • eliminate intolerances (if any)
  • eat good sourced meat
  • replace sugar (especially fructose) calories with fat calories(coconut, avocado, butter, olive oil, macadamia nuts, lard)
  • eat more veggies
  • eat when you are hungry and ……..

if you are craving a sweet treat that is fine you can have it as long as you make it from scratch.

With that being said go out and start to take bits of pieces of all the diets out there and make your own “ME” diet.  Be aware of how certain foods you consume just to follow a diet or to get through a workout may not be all that healthy.

If you would like to know more about eating well and dive deeper into topics such as; what oils to use and what oils oxidize easily, just let me know.  The more you start taking control of how you eat the more you will begin to realize how many lies we have been told.



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