Looking back through my pocket journals is always helpful to keep my eyes focused on my true goals and passions.  Sometimes it is very easy to get sidetracked by instant gratification.  Or it is just as easy to get discouraged and loose sight of my aspirations due to the tribulations of life.  Staying focused and motivated over a long period of time is not easy and that is where keeping my notebook on hand proves useful.  For example lets go back to my entry on 3/1/14.

Rabbit Ears Pass, Steamboat, CO

Split boarding in  Steamboat, CO

” I am beginning to realize that my main objective is not to produce a snowboard movie/brand but more so to become self sufficient and be my own boss.  Health, nutrition, well being, physical fitness, are all things I enjoy.  Snowboarding happens to fall within that realm.  Snowboarding and making a snowboarding specific business is not my answer, it is part of the answer.  The goal has now become, how to combine all these facets in a sustainable manner.  The journey of life is a puzzle worth solving.”

Now nearly two years later, I am still on track to my long term goals.  Journal entries like to one above, have been a useful friendly reminder on down days what my true aspirations really are.  I will continue to use this as inspiration for my self to strive towards my big goals in life without getting side tracked (fortunately for everyone this website falls in line with my goals).

With that being said, stay tuned because in the coming weeks my years of plotting and dreaming will come to life.  My thoughts and hopes will cumulate into a form that everyone can benefit from.  Once the plans are final the grand announcement will be made and I hope all of you can join in on the fun.


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