My dreams are not dreams.  Dreams are a figment of your imagination taking place in a fantasy world.  I do not dream, I visualize and predict my future.  These things do not just happen, I make them happen.  As my great friend and fellow coach always says, “there are two things you can control, your attitude and your effort.”  When acted upon those two factors in a positive light, your dreams will then become the visions of your future.  The way I see life is through fear.  I do not display my fear in most situations but it does exist.  I have fear for everything I do, because I am passionate about the things I do.  This fear is human nature and it is my conscious choice to embrace that human nature and use it to my advantage.  Fear keeps us alive, fear gives us reason to put fourth a quality effort to succeed.  The difference between my fear and others feeling of fear, is I strive off of it.  I make it a point to tell my fears they are wrong and I will dive head first into the unknown.  Don’t try to outrun or avoid the fears of life because they will always be there.  Living life without confronting your fears is a life less lived.  Instead learn how to turn fear into positive actions towards achieving your goals.

Dreams are dreams because we fear the negative reactions to our future actions.  Take action and never dream, instead Achieve.

The same friend I spoke of earlier recently gave me a letter outlining my life aspirations.  Dreams to most, but the future for me.  This list was from close to two years ago and it outlined three vastly different goals which I told him about.

  1.  I stated my fear of going to the Dr. because of the process I went through as a kid having a tumor in my jaw.  However I told him I was going to see the Dr and get the a biopsy on the suspicious lump on my neck.  I ended up doing that and long story short, I had a successful surgery to remove a tumor from my vagus nerve.  That ordeal stopped Jill’s and my winter long trip to southeast Asia, however it assured my good health and lead me to achieve another aspiration……
  2. Start a website. Coach_Kubi_live life to the max Well you know how that went because you are reading this now.  I feared the idea of it because I knew absolutely nothing about web design (internet videos are the extent of my computer knowledge) and it would require a lot of non physical activity in which I am so used to.  The website has been a great joy of mine which has in fact sparked a lot of interest from local climbers in utilizing my coaching services.  That increase interest in coaching lead me to my current project……
  3. To open a climbing training facility.  I have been talking about this for years, and those very close to me have heard a lot about my need to take on this fear.  A task this big has been the scariest thing I have done summit-logo-3to date (even scarier than venturing out into the back-country in avalanche terrain on my snowboard), as I have so much invested into it.  This has been years in the making and it took all the right scenarios and support to make it happen.  If this was just a Dream of mine I would have lost interest after a couple months.  However the passion to face my fears made this become a reality years after the initial thought.

Without the desire to make my dreams become reality I would never have made it to my ultimate goal of opening my own training facility.  Without going to the Dr I would have gone to Asia.  If i went to Asia, I would have never started this website.  If I didn’t start this website, I would not have grown the clientele and interest from climbers to make opening this facility a reality.


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