Rock Climbing

Think Hard & Climb Hard: Principles of a Successful Climber

  1. ABC – Always Be Climbing
  2. Put your ego aside when training (train weakness)
  3. Seeing is believing (practice visualization)
  4. Like life its not what, but who you know (climb with others that are inspiring)
  5. Standards are for the weak (set goals, don’t settle for what is expected)

Climbing Technique Drills

  • quiet feet (watch foot placement)
  • rhythm and movement (ex step, step, reach)
  • relax and smooth moves – easiest way to achieve this is to periodically switch focus to antagonist muscles and scan for unnecessary tension, take few slow deep breathes to relax
  • optimize climbing Pace, reduce pace when technique is suffering
  • steady breathing
  • fatigued skill training
  • first touch (frozen hands, however you initially grab hold that is how you use it, no readjust)
  • tracking (only step on holds you grabbed)
  • twist lock and step back (rotating hips into wall)
  • five second pause hands above hold
  • tennis balls in hands (balance and footwork)
  • hands above eyes, even with eyes, and below eyes (lock off strength and using feet)

Preparing to Perform

“Enjoy the process, respect the product”

-Always have a couple pairs of shoes on hand, match proper shoe with each climb (stiffer shoe w/edges for technical vertical face climbs.  Soft broken in shoe for steep terrain to toe down and hooking)

-Often first successful sequence is not the most efficient

-write Beta down following ascent (draw visual beta map)

-Confidence is essential

-Visualization; do not imagine flashing up project w/ ease.  Visualize and try to feel all senses (building pump, trying hard, technique, deep breathing, etc.)