Most mornings I set aside some time to be alone in order to clear my mind with mediation and or journaling.  When I am really in the flow state great things come to mind.  Fortunately most of those thoughts made it to paper so I can share them with everyone.  Below you will find quotes from myself to get you inspired.


“The power of thought is the greatest Power.”

“Success is measured by effort, not results.”

“Fear is uncertainty, uncertainty blocks confidence.  Let confidence prevail and extinguish your fears.”

“Getting stronger is a measure and testament of ones will.  Are you willing to make sacrifices and suffer.”

“Possessions come and go but smiles last forever.  Happiness is simple and free.”

“Routines are good but moderation is great.”

“To be present in the moment is the greatest present anyone can ever receive.”

“Laugh because you can, work because you want to, breathe because you need to.”

“Impossible is just the mind’s interpretation of the task at hand.”

“Failure is an oxymoron, there is no such thing.  When trying and not succeeding I am learning.  Learning is not failing, it is winning.”

“In order to take care of others you must take care of yourself.  Sometimes that means being selfish in order to achieve happiness which in return will make others around you happy.”

“Life is full of choices, you do not always have to make the perfect choice, just strive to make the better of two choices.”

“When it comes to life’s journey there is no right or wrong, just your perception.  What you chose to do has to be right, it is right for you for a reason.