Stop Dreamin’ & Start Livin’

My dreams are not dreams.  Dreams are a figment of your imagination taking place in a fantasy world.  I do not dream, I visualize and predict my future.  These things do not just happen, I make them happen.  As my great friend and fellow coach always says, “there are two things you can control, your attitude and your effort.”  When acted upon those two factors in a positive light, your dreams will then become the visions of your future.  The way I see life is through fear.  I do not display my fear in most situations but it does exist.   Continue reading


Sourdough, a community loaf

I don’t always eat bread, but when I do it is usually sourdough.  There are a few reasons for having a bias towards consuming sourdough over any other type of bread;

1) Real sourdough bread starts with a live culture.  So just like yogurt or kombucha or any fermented food, it contains good bacteria which is good for your gut flora.

2) It is really tasty.

3) The owner (Drew) of Madison Sourdough is generous, and to let me into the kitchen to show me the process of caring for a sourdough culture and how to make the actual bread. So…it would be just bad manners to not favor sourdough over others. Continue reading