Cheat days & Guilt Free Treats

There is no such thing as eating perfectly.  I suspect most americans have cravings and temptations to grab a candy bar or sip on a soda every so often.  I am not going to be a drill sergeant and say you absolutely cannot touch that stuff.  However I will recommend that you ask yourself before indulging; is this the best option and what will I gain from consuming this?

Since living a life time of eating not so healthy food, it is going to be tough to completely give up all the potato chips, cake and gummy bears that we have grown to love.  That craving will always exist in some form (there is no escaping them either, unless you move to a place free from ads and checkout aisles full of candy). This is where cheat days come into action with your new healthy lifestyle.  On a Friday or Saturday night I will enjoy my favorite ice cream, pizza, beer or whatever it is that I didn’t eat during the week.  However I will keep the two questions from above in mind before consuming my favorite snack. Continue reading


Sourdough, a community loaf

I don’t always eat bread, but when I do it is usually sourdough.  There are a few reasons for having a bias towards consuming sourdough over any other type of bread;

1) Real sourdough bread starts with a live culture.  So just like yogurt or kombucha or any fermented food, it contains good bacteria which is good for your gut flora.

2) It is really tasty.

3) The owner (Drew) of Madison Sourdough is generous, and to let me into the kitchen to show me the process of caring for a sourdough culture and how to make the actual bread. So…it would be just bad manners to not favor sourdough over others. Continue reading


Fats? Should I eat them?

Fat does not make you fat.  There are certain types of fats that should be avoided at all costs, but just so we are clear, Fat does not make you fat.  Next time you are in the grocery store pick up a box of so called “Healthy zero fat or low fat” cereal and take a look at the ingredients and/or sugar content.  How is that healthy?  let me ask you this, have you ever seen a fat Lion?  What do lions eat?  Meat; red meat, lean meat, and the entire animal.  Which brings us to one source of good fat, saturated fat.   Continue reading


Bullet Proof Coffee

In a recent post on the topic of coffee, I mentioned a further detailed post on the additives I occasionally put in my coffee (organic butter, organic coconut oil, upgraded mct oil).   Basically if you have not heard of this concept, it is called Bullet Proof Coffee.  Bullet Proof coffee was introduced to us by a bio hacker and founder of The Bullet Proof Executive by the name of Dave Asprey.  This gentlemen has become extremely successful in finding ways to Hack our human performance by means of diet (published a book), supplements (sources his own), brain training, etc .  I have adopted his coffee drinking technique and use it some days as meals, some days as extra calories to fuel a intense workout.  I just increase or decrease the combos or ratios of all the ingredients. Continue reading


What is “Good” sourced meat?

In todays health world there are a lot theories and philosophies about what you should be eating.  My theory is that you should be eating real food, eat what works for YOU and moderation.  I am not saying a vegetarian diet is better than a Paleo diet or that being gluten free is the only way to eat.  What I am saying, is whatever eating lifestyle you choose to follow make sure it is the best choice for your body.  Continue reading


Eating Nuts!

I love eating raw nuts.  There is always a endless supply of jars full of raw nuts around my household.  Full of wonderful fats, they are a quick easy way to sustain yourself until your next meal.  As long as you stay away from the roasted flavored nuts (full of hydrogenated oils and sugar) you can benefit from incorporating raw nuts into your daily consumption (however moderation is key, its very easy to over eat on these guys since they are so delicious). Continue reading


“Effortless Healing”

51lz-QP3JvL__SY344_BO1,204,203,200_I enjoy to read well because knowledge is power.  Right now I am on a big reading bender since I am recovering from surgery and am limited to physical activity (injury is an opportunity).  I just finished a book written by the founder of the number one visited natural health website in the world, Dr. Joseph Mercola of   “Effortless Healing” is a easy to follow guideline for the average American to restructure their health and get on the easy track to being well.  I highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in taking the right steps to bettering their health but has no idea where to begin.  Skip the medications, skip the “Diet” plans, skip the hardcore workouts.  Taking control of your well being will be a walk in the park if you follow even a few of the strategies listed in the book.

Below are a few point taken from Dr. Mercolas’ Effortless Healing.  I hope they peak your interested and get you inspired to continue to do more.

Continue reading


Real Food

Eat Real Food.  This change is pretty straightforward, but in case there are some questions I will further explain.

A car runs off a type of fuel specified for its engine (regular, premium etc).  If a car that calls for premium fuel is filled up with regular fuel, yes it will still run (not as efficiently as possible) but it may cause further complications down the road that will be more costly than Continue reading