Random Thoughts From a Coach (part 1)

Over the years I have compiled various pages of wisdom to help motivate my self and the individuals I coach.  The paragraphs below  are not directly related to one another, but they all have a similar theme.  No matter what your goals, desires, or ambitions are, I am sure you will find something useful from this page and the subsequent parts to come.  Enjoy.

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Stay Positive

Following a training plan or trying to reach goals can be a very motivating experience.  However at the same time it can  hinder our ability to live in the moment and to listen to our body or intuition.  Things don’t always go as planned (injuries or other opportunities) and it is easy to put on the blinders and ignore an opportunity or cause harm if we focus on  specific goals all the time.  It is especially hard to convey this message to  young aspiring athletes which are passionate about training for their sport, but cannot due to injury.  The best I can do to help anyone like this is to pass along my words of wisdom.  For that I went back to the archives (my notebook prior to having this site) and found a entry I wrote to keep my self motivated through a similar situation. Continue reading


Cheat days & Guilt Free Treats

There is no such thing as eating perfectly.  I suspect most americans have cravings and temptations to grab a candy bar or sip on a soda every so often.  I am not going to be a drill sergeant and say you absolutely cannot touch that stuff.  However I will recommend that you ask yourself before indulging; is this the best option and what will I gain from consuming this?

Since living a life time of eating not so healthy food, it is going to be tough to completely give up all the potato chips, cake and gummy bears that we have grown to love.  That craving will always exist in some form (there is no escaping them either, unless you move to a place free from ads and checkout aisles full of candy). This is where cheat days come into action with your new healthy lifestyle.  On a Friday or Saturday night I will enjoy my favorite ice cream, pizza, beer or whatever it is that I didn’t eat during the week.  However I will keep the two questions from above in mind before consuming my favorite snack. Continue reading



The reason for the long gap between posts is in fact the topic of this post, I was on vacation and I unplugged my self from the “Grid”.  If you are not familiar with this term, well what I mean is that I shut off access and communication with anyone that I was not with in person.  No cell phone, no internet, no worries, no distractions.  By doing this I was really able to sit back, relax, appreciate and observe my new surroundings with all my senses. Continue reading


How to deal w/ setbacks & Failures

It is completely ok if you want to live a standard life; work a secure 9-5 to get a pay check, weekends off to relax, a house in the suburbs, etc.  I am not bashing that lifestyle, it is just not for myself nor the people I surround myself with.  I want to continue to life a life full of adventure and achievement.  I want to continue to explore my limits not knowing where they can take me.  I want to be a entrepreneur. I want to continually push my ability rock climbing and snowboarding.  The reason this way of life can quickly become discouraging to many is because of the constant failures.  It is much easier to follow a path through life that promises security and immediate gratification.  However the individuals that are the most successful are the ones that fail the most.  The risk takers. They are people that know how to deal with setbacks and failures.

With that in mind I have some tips to help yourself deal with Failures.  However, whether you are a adventure seeker or not these tips apply to anyone because setbacks will occur in everyone’s life. Continue reading


Getting back to Full Force

Three weeks ago, November 13th, I had surgery on my neck to remove a tumor.  Long story short, everything went well and I am recovering just fine.  A couple days ago I got back on the climbing wall for the first time in well over a month.  It was nice to just be able to move and pull on holds.  At times the temptation came across me make some big fun dyna10989098_728169067298413_6912101882090890887_n[1]mic moves or to try really hard boulder problems.  However my wisdom got the best of me and I refrained.  I held off because I have learned the importance of delaying gratification in order to achieve sustainability.  The one thing I did not refrain from though was letting myself contemplate my future success with training for climbing. Continue reading


Frustration vs. Motivation

Frustration can kill motivation.  When you are looking at defeat in the eyes, SMILE.Eggs  What is the purpose of getting frustrated?  Let me answer my own question, because frustration is a emotion displaying that you care.  Instead of carrying on with those emotions, show your passion with a smile.  I care about snowboarding and rock climbing, but I don’t have to climb.  Since these activities are my CHOICE, I will choose to smile when I fail, so should you!


Be Selfish (sometimes)

622790_788828797800833_861464101_o Why do we do the things we do?  There comes a point in a persons life when he makes the decision to stop goofing around and to become a mature adult.  It may or may not be a conscience decision, but it happens.

I undeniably love snowboarding.  I love going out and riding whatever possible (city handrails, big jumps, trees, you name it).  Up until this last season it would take some extraordinary bribe with a serving of bacon, dark chocolate and espresso to get me off the hill.  However something emotionally changed with me last winter.  Continue reading


We are Unique

Why do we do the things we do?  What drives our decisions and tendencies?  Human beings are a very interesting breed.  We are all so different unlike all the other creatures on this earth.  Every other animal is predictable, they follow the same patterns and lifestyles as one another.  For instance, we know a lion is going to eat meat and travel in a pride.  cropped-arb1.pngWe don’t know if a specific human is going to eat meat or be a vegetarian, there is no way of telling.  Humans are a intelligent (mostly) breed with unique skills.  Keep it that way, stay unique and enjoy life.


Morning Routines

Last winter I listened to a podcast interview with Hal Elrod.  Long story short, his life got turned upside down after a traumatic car crash.  However that traumatic experience lead him to discover his “Miracle Morning”.  Hal Elrods miracle morning is simply a morning routine to find some peace and solace and to start your day full of joy.  A couple key points of Hal Elrods philosophy; Continue reading