Climbing Training Plan (SCS summit team)

rin 2Below you will find the training schedule for the kids I coach on the Summit Team (Tuesday & Thursday).  For those of you that don’t know, the summit team is our highest level of three teams.  These kids range in age from 11-17 but they all share the common trait of dedication.  These kids are highly motivated individuals that can withstand and thrive on a intense training routine.  The days below are just days that they are in with my self and other coaches working in a group/team setting.  Some of the kids also have supplemental training plans prescribed by myself to work on during non team days.

Use this plan as inspiration for yourself to get into the gym to not just climb, but to TRAIN.  Spring is coming, put in the effort now so you can expand your tick list outside this spring and summer.  Feel free to contact me if you are interested in a individualized training plan to suit your climbing goals. Continue reading


Coffee follow up

A few weeks back I wrote a post in regards to the benefits of drinking coffee.  In that post I referenced “Bullet Proof” coffee.  I then followed up on that post  with a full blog entry on the delicious hot drink.  Now to complete the coffee hat trick, I present to you a few new options to add to your coffee.  Staying away from the excess sugar and creamers full of not real ingredients, the options below will offer your palate a pleasant change as well as some performance enhancing qualities.

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Figure out “YOU” before figuring out your workout


I have witnessed many people (myself included during my uneducated rambunctious teenage years) train with the philosophy of going 100% all the time.  If you are not working out every chance you get and at a high intensity all the time, then you are missing an opportunity to get stronger.  WRONG.  You are gaining an opportunity to decrease achievements over time or worse, get hurt and hence lose out on a lot more. Continue reading


Coffee, to drink or not to drink?

Growing up I never got in coffee for one main reason:  I was misguided into thinking that it was an unhealthy substance to be polluting your body with.  Sure I tried it here and there to see what all the rage was about, but decided it was not good enough to out weight the “negative” health effects.  (That’s what ice cream and stouts are for).  I’m sure you would be surprised to look in my pantry today,  you would find various coffee beans, grinders, and makers.  What gives you ask? Continue reading


Recovery Days

Every goal that you work towards, you must include recovery or rest days into the equation.  Mental and physical exhaustion is a reality.  If proper rest is notIMG_0021 taken then”Burning out” is not a question of if rather a question of when.  In order to occupy yourself and take time off to chill out, you must stay motivated towards the main goal.  Keep long term sustainability in mind and learn to enjoy resting.  Continue reading


Eating Nuts!

I love eating raw nuts.  There is always a endless supply of jars full of raw nuts around my household.  Full of wonderful fats, they are a quick easy way to sustain yourself until your next meal.  As long as you stay away from the roasted flavored nuts (full of hydrogenated oils and sugar) you can benefit from incorporating raw nuts into your daily consumption (however moderation is key, its very easy to over eat on these guys since they are so delicious). Continue reading


Be Selfish (sometimes)

622790_788828797800833_861464101_o Why do we do the things we do?  There comes a point in a persons life when he makes the decision to stop goofing around and to become a mature adult.  It may or may not be a conscience decision, but it happens.

I undeniably love snowboarding.  I love going out and riding whatever possible (city handrails, big jumps, trees, you name it).  Up until this last season it would take some extraordinary bribe with a serving of bacon, dark chocolate and espresso to get me off the hill.  However something emotionally changed with me last winter.  Continue reading


Practicing, Training & Performing

When participating in any athletic venue it is easy to forget the importance of warming up and practicing.  It is to tempting to jump right into the heat of the battle because that is what is “Fun”.  However we must learn how to have fun practicing our craft.  There are three phases of involvement in your sport; training, practice, and performance.  All three are not mutually exclusive and all three should be approached with specific mind sets.  Practicing and training will not always be “fun” in fact at times it may suck.  However if you put in the effort practicing then you will earn your self some fun time when you are performing effortlessly at your highest potential.  In regards to rock climbing I recommend a few ways in which to warm up or “Practice your craft: Continue reading