Food For Thought

What does being fit mean to you?  What does being healthy mean to you?   If you read my last post, Fit vs. Healthy, you could probably answer those questions with confidence.  I hope you have started to develop a sense of those terms and have worked them into your life in a way that makes sense for your self.  There is no secret equation to balancing the two nor is there a definitive correct answer.  The closest thing to being correct is doing what you truly believe in and love with the full awareness of how one decision is affecting the other.  For example,  in order to be fit enough to have every muscle in your body bulge out you may be sacrificing your health by spending to much time in the gym and not enough time enjoying life.  The point is, be aware of the disconnect between health and fitness but at the same time be fully confident and educated on what you are doing.  If you bring a passion and awareness towards your physical goals, then happiness will add to your health.

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Dairy, to eat or not to eat?

The consumption of dairy products have been one of those iffy topics for myself as of the last few years.  I can agree that there are nutritional benefits of consuming dairy but on the same hand I can agree that we do not need these types of foods.  I am not praising dairy and its consumption and I am not patronizing it and saying you should absolutely not eat it ever.  I am just looking at it from both sides of the spectrum, just like I do with any other food. Continue reading