Stop Dreamin’ & Start Livin’

My dreams are not dreams.  Dreams are a figment of your imagination taking place in a fantasy world.  I do not dream, I visualize and predict my future.  These things do not just happen, I make them happen.  As my great friend and fellow coach always says, “there are two things you can control, your attitude and your effort.”  When acted upon those two factors in a positive light, your dreams will then become the visions of your future.  The way I see life is through fear.  I do not display my fear in most situations but it does exist.   Continue reading


Movements I like

Designing a workout plan or just going to the gym without a plan at all can be very overwhelming.  Most gyms have a vast amount of unnecessary machines or the latest “six pack ab” gizmo.  On top of that there are people of all shapes and sizes doing who knows what without any professional help.  Being in this situation may cause you to just follow the pack and pick up ideas from the general public on what you should be doing in the fitness center.  To make things clear, not every fitness plan needs to involve the gym.  If going to the health club isn’t your thing I don’t blame you.  Fitness and health first and foremost is just moving your body like humans are meant to move.  However if you want to get into the swing of working out but don’t know where to start, I have a few suggestions in regards to what movements to be doing.  I do suggest that to properly execute these movements you seek out the advice from a personal trainer.  This will insure you execute the proper progression of these movements to strengthen your body while avoiding injury.

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Fit vs. Healthy

Have you ever looked up to someone because they are Fit?  Have you ever been envious of a person because of their high level of fitness or their ability to crank out pull ups in their sleep?  Have you looked at a extremely muscular body and just though, wow I wish I was that in shape?  I’m sure most of us can answer yes to any or all of those questions.  However have you ever taken a moment to think about your health?  In fact have you ever considered the difference between being fit and being healthy?  A overly muscular person or a person that can run a marathon at a record setting pace isn’t necessarily a model of good human health. Continue reading


Be Selfish (sometimes)

622790_788828797800833_861464101_o Why do we do the things we do?  There comes a point in a persons life when he makes the decision to stop goofing around and to become a mature adult.  It may or may not be a conscience decision, but it happens.

I undeniably love snowboarding.  I love going out and riding whatever possible (city handrails, big jumps, trees, you name it).  Up until this last season it would take some extraordinary bribe with a serving of bacon, dark chocolate and espresso to get me off the hill.  However something emotionally changed with me last winter.  Continue reading